The Four-Chord Secret to Popular Music

I had long heard about the secret chord progression that has underpinned most popular music for the last 100 years. I even knew their names: C, A minor, F and G. But it took the Axis of Awesome to really bring it all home: every top 10 hit of the last 5 decades is really the same song! Check out this great little video if you don’t believe me. And thanks to my sister, Debbie, for pointing this one out.

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  1. You should try the “concrete highway” at peak hour. I did it twice this week and it was amazing. 120Km most of the way.

    1. Hi Danny. The video seemed to work from my side. Please check again and, if there’s still a problem, send me the details. I’m working all this out, so I want to check if I’m doing something wrong. Thanks.

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