David Fleminger is a writer, director and professional smartarse. As such, he is lazy, ill-disciplined and nocturnal. He lives in Joburg, where he indulges his hobbies of procrastinating, watching movies, eating take-aways, and walking the dogs.

He has published nine travel books about South Africa and is going to write a novel, starting tomorrow. He also enjoys working in television, theatre and film.

In school, David was voted person most likely to recede and is indeed going prematurely grumpy. Accordingly, he has opinions on just about everything but still understands that people who think they know everything, by definition, do not.

But seriously…

Since graduating with a BA (Hons) from Wits University in 1994, David has worked in many different aspects of the media industry: as an author, script writer, director, photographer, video editor, post-production supervisor, interviewer and producer. In this time, he has written travel books; written and directed theatre shows, TV programmes and educational videos; and written /produced what seems like millions of corporate videos. David has also produced many hours of promotional material for a variety of TV channels.

David Fleminger is a born and bred Joburg native but, despite his enduring love for his hometown, David acknowledges that Joburg is an excellent place from which to take a holiday. David loves South Africa and is glad he was born an African.

If you’d like to get in touch with David, please click on the ‘Contact’ link to send him a private email.