Double Stand = Double Rates

Do you live on a double stand? If so, you might be in for a nasty shock. The City of Johannesburg’s valuations department has suddenly initiated a process whereby each stand now receives a separate valuation, even when the double stand only contains a single dwelling.

Let me break it down for you, according to my personal situation. I live on a double stand in Highlands North (2 different ERF numbers). As such, in the eyes of the law, I own two separate properties held under a single title deed. However, my house is built across both stands and, therefore, the property cannot be subdivided.

It seems that many of the older suburbs were set up like this. And for the past 70 years or so, there wasn’t any problem. I simply received two invoices from the City – one for each stand. The first invoice contained an amount for rates, based on the valuation roll. The second invoice contained billing for water, lights, sewerage and other services but did not reflect an amount for rates (the stand was valued at zero).

This makes sense. I own one house, so I should pay once for rates. Yes? Well, apparently not. Last month, my second stand abruptly reflected a valuation of R1.2 million, with an associated fee. This is in addition to my original municipal valuation on the first stand. In effect, that means I am now paying two amounts for rates based on a property that can only be sold as a single unit.

It seems that the long-term solution to this ‘double rates’ problem is to have my two stands ‘notarily linked’, but this is a legal process that takes time and can cost several thousand rand. I was looking for a more immediate solution to what seemed to be a simple misunderstanding – it’s just common sense, isn’t it?

So, I spoke to the valuations department and they were quite helpful. My query has been sent through to various authorities and I am awaiting an outcome. I’d like to thank all the people I contacted for replying to my emails promptly and trust that, together, we can work it out.

However, this begs a larger question: what about all the other people who are living on double stands? Will they have to lodge their own individual queries, or will the department make a correction that applies to everyone? I don’t know the answer to this question but I am concerned – being the stout, civic-minded chap that I am…

So, if you live on a double stand, check your statements. And if you are getting charged double rates, please get in touch by posting a comment below. My ward councillor has suggested that, legally, the valuations department cannot just change a dispensation that has been in effect for decades. As such, a court challenge may be in order.

I truly hope that the whole mess can be sorted out without dragging lawyers into the fray, but I have been advised to start collecting a list of names of similarly affected home owners – just in case. So, do let me know if you’re in the same boat and I’ll try to ensure that we approach this affair with intelligence and cohesion. I thank you [takes bow to tremendous applause, leaves room].

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  1. Apparently you aren’t allowed to take class action against the role, each case needs to dealth with individually, all 83 000 of them! This could take years…

  2. Good luck – I’ve tried the fight.. but too big – on a smallholding in the cradle – 1 house – 1 title deed – big BUT – municipal rates for agricultural holding, municipal rates for residential – although there is no water, no sewerage – basically no services – we do our own refuse removal – have our own boreholes – even pay the astronical bills to eskom directly – still 2 bills and worse – no services. (thank heavens actually – I’d probably have to join service delivery strikes – unfortunately striking by not paying my rates for a no delivery isn’t really an option… or is it?)

  3. Hi, I live in Highlands North with the same problem. Went to the municipality sat there for an hour was told I must have my two stands ‘notarily linked”…called the valuations was advised not to pay the second account. However…I have lodged complaints to both the city of Johaanesburg customer services and the valuations department and what a surprise no reply from any party and I have lodged a dispute with the valuations within the required time period for the July Roll and while I can access my dispute on the city of joburg website they have not responded to that either. As to the advice of not paying the municipal bylaws state that when you lodge a dispute and you do not pay they cannot terminate your services but because all I have is an automated acknowledgment of receipt of email and I keep receiving the bill to pay or face disconnection after 2 months of not paying I have actually paid. What is scary is that I also pay for 2 buns yet have 1 bin on the property and no-one wikk assist to get the second bin removed. When this is sorted I cannot imagine how much the municaipality will owe me with interest. As you said toocostly to use legal avenues for restitution therefore the city of joburg will win because people will keep quite as they cannot afford to have an action against such an entity.

  4. I am now selling my house in Sydenham as I could not afford the double bin double rates issue. I was living alone. For the last 18 months I have been trying to address the double billing issue – rates and a 2nd bin. I have also been told that it qualifies as an encroachment. I was also told there is a difference between a valuation and an evaluation. I am concerned that there will be delays in transfer, or worse still that whatever is owed to me will end up as a credit in the new owners account. Today I spoke to 5 different people. it is desperate.

  5. I forgot to mention that I sold my house for the value of ONE of the stands which in itself is proof of the valuation being completely wrong.

  6. I am having similar problems re my second stand. I have objected. All of a moment my second stand has a value of R1 100 000! The ineptness at CoJ is another story altogether.

  7. I’m not paying a cent re the second stand. I have an objection number at valuation department. They charge me interest on interest and threaten legal action. They must go ahead.

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