The World’s Gone Mad(der)

I haven’t really got time to chat. I’m trying to get everything finished before I leave for a trip to Canada. No. I’m not going to claim refugee status. My brother lives there (legally) and he’s getting married.

But how about that story? You know, the one about the guy who has been living in Canada for years and has now claimed refugee status because he is being targeted by systematic racism perpetrated by the government and the criminal underworld against what people. What a doos! Continue reading “The World’s Gone Mad(der)”

On your marks, get set…

Ag man, it’s all bloody doom and gloom, wherever you look. Rates are up and the rand is down. Fuel, food, foreigners; it’s all a big F-up. And you know what? I’m done. I know I should be concerned, and people are suffering, and the planet’s about to destroy itself. But I can’t take it anymore. I’ve become numb. I’ve switched off.

It’s a purely defensive mechanism, I assure you. I’m normally an involved, concerned and committed citizen of SA and the global community, but there’s only so much bad news you can take before you go mad. And it’s even worse in South Africa. I mean, every time there’s a little crisis, we all put on our running shoes and prepare to leave the country. Continue reading “On your marks, get set…”